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Signaling a return to normalcy, in April of this year the world’s top preowned business jet dealers doubled their sales compared to April of 2020 when the pandemic wreaked havoc on transactions. Dealers accredited by the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) closed 106 deals this past April, compared to 53 the previous year, when the economic impact of the pandemic was just beginning to be felt.

IADA dealers’ strong April sales performance came on the heels of a first quarter where IADA members registered a solid 211 aircraft sales, marking a return to a pre-pandemic biz jet economy. The group closed the quarter with another 246 aircraft under contract.“

IADA dealers, who lead the aircraft transaction industry by a wide margin, experienced large increases in the most meaningful categories,” said Executive Director Wayne Starling. “Transaction closings doubled, as did acquisition agreements, and our group had more aircraft under contract, with fewer lowered prices or deals that fell apart for one reason or another,” he added.

Transaction volume by member dealers reflects the overall health of the used aircraft market, because IADA-accredited dealers buy and sell more aircraft by dollar volume than the rest of the world’s dealers combined. IADA began tracking preowned sales metrics for business aircraft in April 2020 on a monthly basis as a result of the volatile market conditions caused by the pandemic.

Comparing April 2020 with April 2021, which just ended, IADA dealers had a much better month:

  • Closed deals rose from 53 to 106
  • Acquisition agreements grew from 27 to 57
  • Aircraft under contract increased from 60 to 115
  • Deals that fell apart shrunk from 31 to 12
  • Deals with lowered prices dropped from 36 to three

Eagle Creek Aviation is a proud IADA Accredited Dealer and each member of the Eagle Creek Aviation aircraft sales team is an IADA Certified Broker.

About IADA

The International Aircraft Dealers Association is the collective force influencing and shaping the aircraft transaction industry. With accredited dealers of all sizes, and dozens of verified Products and Services members skilled in aircraft transactions, IADA is the acknowledged leader in developing industry standards for efficient, effective and ethical business aircraft transactions.

Working for business aircraft owners globally, IADA provides a facility for professional standards, ethics and exchange of information among its members and to the public for the purpose of creating a more efficient market, facilitating transactions and providing transparency in transactions, thereby increasing business aircraft ownership and usage worldwide. For more info about IADA go to

About IADA’s
AircraftExchange is the exclusive online marketplace for IADA. The public search portal was created to provide business jet and private jet buyers a trustworthy and efficient way to identify, locate and purchase preowned aircraft from the most ethical dealers and brokers in the world.Only IADA-accredited aircraft dealers may list used aircraft for sale on this search portal, where buyers can shop from an average of 500 listings at any given time. For more info about go to Aircraft For Sale Exclusively by IADA | AircraftExchange.

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